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Medicare and Retirement Solutions

When you call a company to learn about your insurance or Medicare benefits, ask them where they are. That’s right. Ask the person who answers the phone where they are located. Most of the numbers go to a call center outside of Louisiana.

You will talk to people who don’t know Louisiana at all.

Instead of calling a phone number because an old athlete or celebrity tells you to call, call Domingo & Associates. You will reach their offices in New Orleans on Robert E. Lee Boulevard. You will talk to Mike Domingo or Dawn Luquet-Smith or one of their associates.

Domingo & Associates employs approximately 200 licensed, independent agents throughout Louisiana. They are the Associates. They are right in your neighborhood and they know you. So they can help you choose the right Medicare health coverage and insurance.

With over 60 years of combined experience, Mike Domingo and Dawn Luquet-Smith have educated seniors in choosing their best Medicare options and helped prepare them for retirement.